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July 1, 2016


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3 New Releases-


Vasculae oxen025 cassette Head Against Wall.

Wood and Metal/The Rita oxen024 cassette.

Unsustainable Social Condition oxen023 CD





Constrain & Fenian with HHL & Unexamine 

Single Sided 12″ collaboration: 

New home/studio recordings; two tracks documenting collaborations between Constrain & Fenian and HHL & Unexamine from spring 2015. These artists performed together for the Mata Noise Gallery Los Angeles two year anniversary. These recordings from that time present the convulsive blasts of chained explosions, bellows of static and junk tearing through fields of feedback ending in a whiplash of churning dissonance.

12 inch Folder Outside copy




Sissy Spacek Confuse 7″ oxen018

New for 2016, Strength in tightly concentrated havoc. An action massacre, sounds shattered with the steamy, crowded menace of Sissy Spacek at the very top of their form. Charred mutilation across two sides of a must own 7″ defining the kinetics of destruction. $7.00



Stray Dog Volume 2 -CD Version- Various Artists     

Dromez (OH) Kakerlak (MI)  scum (Japan) Circuit Wound (CA) FACIALMESS (Japan) Leah Peah (CA)

Sissy Spacek (CA) Scalp Elevator (Canada) Tralphaz (CA) BLACKPHONE 黒電話 666 (Japan)

Jay Randall (MA) Brown Piss (VA) Black Sand Desert (CA) Mass Marriage (Canada)

$10.00 US

cd cover for web

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Of The Skull (Leah Peah, Matt P.) 12/19/15 at Coaxial Los Angeles video by John Wiese.
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