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September 13, 2016


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Three new cassette releases and a tee-shirt offering. Two Texas noise artists and one Tokyo artist. Kiran Arora, scum and Anime Love Hotel each with essential solo releases.

tee_cs     3cs_091416  oxen_tee_live


Tokyo based noise artist scum delivers scarred, harrowing, muzzle blasts of harsh noise cut-up excellence laying bare a cathartic declaration of his undeniable surplus of talent on this c20 ‘Upside Down’ the first physical solo U.S. release for scum following his abrasive cannon volleys of caustic cut-up greatness on Stray Dog vol. Two.

Kiran Arora a Texas, by way of Los Angeles, based noise artist commits an emphatic and unsettling statement of harsh noise endurance. Having previously appeared on the original Stray Dog comp, Kiran hands us over a clarity of abusive commotion yielding to compelling showers of junk metal and howling noise clamor.

Previously based in Los Angeles where he recorded and performed for a few years before relocating to Austin in 2015 where he continues to perform and record.

Texas based noise artist Alexis Cash as Anime Love Hotel delivers a clear display of command of composition on this excruciatingly gratifying on-point release, Deliberate, confrontational harsh noise barrages, peeling and scything layers of bare-nerved sheets of complete harsh noise satisfaction.

Oxen tee-shirts silk black-on-black screened on super soft cotton tee’s. Purchase here:

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