February 3, 2018

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Three new releases Feb 2018:


Scathing, Primordial Wound and Joe & Joe..




Scathing cs oxen049

Austin Texas’ Scathing is someone I had the eye-opening pleasure of playing with at the end of 2017 at a fest, I found him to be an instinctually, naturally amazing live performer who to the best of my knowledge has only one previous release on Idiopathic. This release features Kenny’s primal energetic unfoldings of peeling harsh noise, a humid dialog of jagged brain drilling, aggressive discordant noise rippings expertly delivered with a colossal predatory and unrestrained menace. For fans of Sickness, Kakerlak and Macro.

Primordial Wound Pure Blight cs oxen048

Empathic, assured achievement from Seattle’s Primordial WoundPure Blight’s mesmerizing sorties of harsh noise onslaughts of fried auditory threats. And if you’ve seen Dan live (lucky you!) this release is further, compelling proof of his genius approach towards essential noise architecture. If you are a fan of perfectly crafted, composed harsh noise sonic damage this is very much the tape you want.

Joe & Joe cs oxen040

Culled from two live performances in their hometown of Los Angeles, California legendary performers Joseph Hammer and Joe Potts (LAFMS) as Joe & Joe are captured first in trademark anarchic sonic excursions from their live performance from a show in June 2017 with Damion Romero and Hijokaidan at downtown L.A.’s (the) Handbag Factory.  Side B documenting their primary aural wrangeling of infinite moments of caustic bliss from a Wof Eyes curated “Psycho Jazz In L.A.” show from November 2017. Extremely proud to be able to put this out  thank you to Joe and Joe!


[Unexamine/K2/Kazehito Seki photo by Leah Purse]

Kazehito Seki ‘Self Toxication 2.2.0/2.3.0’ casette

Tokyo based but likely seen in other parts of the world as he’s extensively travelling/performing,  Kazehito Seki is, to the best of my knowledge not yet documented with many releases. His live performances center on mouth/vocal + contact mics in a confrontational torturous, feedback-laden compositions carving ambitious sonic explorations of noise suffering, trapping the listener in discomforting, grinding passages. If it’s possible to intimidate and challenge on a recorded medium, Kazehito is the artist to pull that off. Side A  features the aptly named ‘Driven Hard’ which is a live document of his 2017 End Tymes performance with Side B track culled from a live 2017 performance from Tokyo’s 20000v venue. For fans of Dave Phillips, Crank Sturgeon and Hanatarash. Artwork by Breathing Problem.

K2 Rainy Tritium 1’ CD

New work from a master of long form compositional excellence, K2’s Rainy Tritium 1 comes in time for what to me seems like a most perfect match for the times; a soundtrack for bleak collapse, broken boundaries of torturous blasts yielding fluttering, caustic textures and exploring an atmosphere of sonic varieties for which K2 is been mining lately. If you’ve seen any of his ambitious Dommune broadcasts from Japan then you’ll likely be familiar with the valedictory density of K2’s aggressively satisfying noise oblivion and if you haven’t, then this full length (60+ minute) 3 track CD 1. Pollution with Huge Lies, 2. MOX, 3. Unpeaceful Song For Rainy Tritium will be most necessary listening. Artwork by Breathing Problem

Unexamine  DDOH cassette

Unexamine’s 2010 Deserts Dog Our Heels gets an expanded reworking with new material from Danny Costa and Charlie Mumma on this release. Harsh noise brinksmanship is the hallmark of this collaboration’s particular approach to recorded material and if you missed out on the first offering of DDOH on Antropofago Ateo, this is that release remixed, extended and includes new elements plus one completely new track of overwhelmingly violent harsh noise. Artwork by KDM


Spore Spawn, Andorkappen and Leecher

Spore Spawn ‘Ochitsuitara’ cs oxen045

One of Tokyo’s preeminent noise genius performers, Spore Spawn delivers a release that I am more than proud to present as I’ve been a follower and collector of whatever I can find of his over the last few years. The Spore Spawn/Jah Excretion split from his label 16 Shots Per Second http://16shotspersecondrecords.blogspot.jp/ or his blisteringly brilliant Grindcore Karaoke ‘Last Days Of The Invaders‘ release are great examples of his foremost style and delivery.

Ochitsuitara brings any fan of modern harsh noise (nostalgists won’t be disappointed though maybe not specifically catered to) closest to articulating what it is that sets Spore Spawn apart from decades of legendary noise pioneers, his modern myth building utilizing swirling loops of cacophony and squelching stabs, uncompromisingly outpacing any modern competition in his unique patterns of ecstatic jarring drunken fervor and (sometimes) vocal deliveres closely woven into and through electronics culled from homemade disused gaming controllers. Just harsh as fuck. All measurements of harsh noise enjoyment of this genuinely gifted noise artist will be vastly rewarded and on abundant display on Ochitsuitara.

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Longstanding project of Los Angeles based Hungarian native Sandor aka ANDORKAPPEN who in June of 2016 delivered a set at the Los Angeles edition of INC 2016 which I later asked (and am happy he agreed) to have as a release.
The resulting cassette Temples Of The Unvirtuous contains the track as performed plus a Side B version which contains the studio elements used as source for that performance; sonic subversion- undiluted deconstructive consciousness of thick lines bursting forth in an uncomplicated march of nightmare textures, bars of tempered loudness chilling figures of black ash, muted alien settings hosting ambivalent beauty awash in a sustained muted swirl of cannon thunder.
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One of my favorite Tokyo based noise artists, Leecher is an artist dedicated to a modern study of harsh noise in live and recorded contexts and this release features one of each. Side A of ‘Retfa’, showcases Leecher’s instrumental powerhouse and compositional excellence delivering extreme patterns of noise salvos weaving in and out of sustained silent avenues which un-mercilessly deliver an Alien birth of multiple jagged uppercuts of blistering harsh noise in sporadic conservative blasts. Side B is Leecher unchained in a delivery of blunt and powerfully heavy vectors of a complicated but thorough death to silence and along the way breaking cranial communications over an aurel wave of nightmare patterns.

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June 17 update Sects ‘Pretending Fucked‘ c10 oxen038 now shipping!