January 12, 2017

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Happy New Year! And 2017 begins with a long awaited offering to start the new year:

Leah P Live in Japan 12″ oxen033

Leah’s first vinyl release and Oxen is proud to present this document of her adrenaline assault sets recorded live in Japan, May 2016. Ochiai Soup in Tokyo and the historic Holy Land of Noise; Namba Bears in Osaka for the 2016 edition of Noise May Day alongside Masonna and Solmania. Throwing down the live gauntlet with these two tracks on a single-sided 12″ this release presents some of the the best in present day cut-up & harsh noise, gliding through exploding tensions with the full-force of discordant, noise-squall grenade incursions, trampling ears and minds with a focused and visceral, frenetic fury.



Leah P cs10

New for 2017, Leah P‘s first cassette release since 2011, and her first (finally) Oxen release. Leah’s solo offering confidently unleashing an unconfined force of dissonant soaring tracks, expertly crafted and structured to sublime and dynamic crescendos of equal parts cut-up, harsh noise and extended harsh noise technique.  Peak assault intuition.


and lastly and most importantly:

Special Edition Combo of the Leah P 12″ + cassette

Sold as set limited to 3

Special edition features the first vinyl release of Leah P Live In Japan single sided 12″ and the newest cassette (first since 2011) in an extremely limited, Leah P conceived and hand-crafted artwork; hand sewn, tailored faux leather and twine with custom zipper for 12″ packaging.

There are only 3 that have been made. Will be only available as a set.



Three new cassette releases and a tee-shirt offering.


Knurl Standard Deviation c40 oxen032

Thoroughly superb full length cassette of harsh noise, abounding with blossoms of metal corruption.  All new recordings finds Knurl scouring and scything through the destructive stress of an active, real-time debauching of iron caging and light gauge stainless steel. All pieces produced and recorded live by Alan Bloor, Sept. 2016. No overdubs or loopers were used on these recordings.

Black Sand Desert & Unsustainable Social Condition cs20 oxen031

Collaboration between Black Sand Desert and Unsustainable Social Condition. Volatile harsh noise, delivered with taut, barrier smashing intensity on Side A’s 10 minute track; a studio recording documenting the densely balanced collaboration of Greh Holger and Matt Purse ahead of a live set in August of 2016 which is locked down on Side B in a recording of their neck-punch, face-melting live set from (the) Handbag Factory show with Facialmess.

Sewer System / Unsustainable Social Condition split cs10 oxen030

Charlie Mumma’s Sewer System (Side A) delivers 6 tracks of vomitus ruination, a singular strategy of feedback, percussion and growling tension deconstructing noise-core elements to a unique and totally dynamic result. Unsustainable Social Condition (Side B) The first (of two) tracks with a feedback laden tribute to Yukimasa Okada and follows up with the junk-noise conflict obliteration resolving into corrosive harsh noise cohesion.

Oxen tee-shirts silk black-on-black screened on super soft cotton tee’s. Purchase here: