June 4, 2017

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June 17 update SectsPretending Fucked‘ c10 oxen038 now shipping!-





非常階段 Hijokaidan (Jojo, Junko, T. Mikawa)

Absolute and indisputable international legends of Noise. One of the longest running and arguably most prolific noise groups will be appearing in Downtown LA June 15th for one show only.

Their first show in California since 1993 and their first (in California) with the Jojo, Junko, T. Mikawa line-up.

Damion Romero

A legend in his own right, a lot of people can be said to owe their exposure and access to noise through his performances, P-Tapes label, multiple decades long running KXLU Psychotechnics radio show, and extensive touring and recordings. The heaviest of sonic deliveries of extreme soundscapes, expect high decibel contours of dense terrains.

Joe & Joe

Jojo Hiroshige has been known to have said that listening to LAFMS super noise orchestra Airway had inspired him to start Hijokaidan, and on this night we will have the privilege of seeing the duo of Joe Potts and Joseph Hammer two key players of LAFMS experimentalists.


On March 31st this show was announced and from that time a FREE all ages high capacity, loud, fun, peaceful and memorable show was intended. Now out of an abundance of caution not everyone who wanted to see this show will be able to. If you have a hard time with this outcome more info will later be provided as to where you can inquire/vent/fume your thoughts.

THOSE WHO KNOW, and have a true love and respect for the artists will proceed as we always have.

(For those ‘in the know’ please respect the efforts of those working hard to protect the integrity of the artists involved in the event your efforts are greatly appreciated and noticed!!)



May 2017 Updates

Two new cassette releases and one special edition version.

Striations ‘K.P.’ c20 oxen036

Supreme harsh noise from the Striations, visceral strains of breathing metal, shattered sleep, rocky blasted shapes of greedy doses of excessive harsh noise binding abuse. for fans of Monde Bruits ‘Purgatory’.

amk ‘Crowns’ c46

New amk and a really proud release for me as I’ve aimed to pattern whatever I intend to do with Oxen upon Banned Production in some way, and naturally being a total fan of the man and what he does live and in recorded forms I’ve got the best luck in being able to release ‘Crowns’. Warm flickers of the flexi vinyl samples inspired virtuosity which is an intense, elaborate and buoyant collection of busted sonic fluids. Nine tracks yield unpredictable and highly calibrated structures of soundscapes; endlessly inventive fever does that I belive firmly represent some of amk‘s finest work to date.

amk Crowns Special Edition

Edition of three; Leah P. hand-crafted l.e.d., 8″x 6″ casing. amk ‘Crowns’ c46

$20 (extremely limited to an edition of three)


Action Discipline Recursive Slash oxen037 cs c20

The third release of the ongoing project between Stefan Aune and Brad Griggs whose collective command of the harsh noise terrain is showcased adroitly on this release. Recursive Slash peels out across endless contours and soundscapes, accelerating cacophonous layers of noise which flowers expertly from dense passages as the most ferocious of noise precedents is clearly mandated on Recursive Slash. For fans of Knurl, MSBR‘s The Blaze Of Collapsing. $6.00

And new Long Sleeve edition of Oxen T Shirts now available 

Oxen Tee-shirt, long sleeve edition, black-on-black silkscreened on heavy, all-cotton stock. $12.00

Many releases previously out of stack are back in limited amounts see the items follow links on the left or the http://oxenrecords.storeenvy.com site.


Limited quantities available:

Leah P Live in Japan 12″ oxen033

Leah’s first vinyl release and Oxen is proud to present this document of her adrenaline assault sets recorded live in Japan, May 2016. Ochiai Soup in Tokyo and the historic Holy Land of Noise; Namba Bears in Osaka for the 2016 edition of Noise May Day alongside Masonna and Solmania. Throwing down the live gauntlet with these two tracks on a single-sided 12″ this release presents some of the the best in present day cut-up & harsh noise, gliding through exploding tensions with the full-force of discordant, noise-squall grenade incursions, trampling ears and minds with a focused and visceral, frenetic fury.


Leah P cs10

New for 2017, Leah P‘s first cassette release since 2011, and her first (finally) Oxen release. Leah’s solo offering confidently unleashing an unconfined force of dissonant soaring tracks, expertly crafted and structured to sublime and dynamic crescendos of equal parts cut-up, harsh noise and extended harsh noise technique.  Peak assault intuition.