amk **SOLD OUT**

Crowns Special Edition oxen035se **SOLD OUT**


amk Crowns Special Edition

Edition of three; Leah P. hand-crafted l.e.d., 8″x 6″ casing.



amk ‘Crowns’ c46

New amk and a proud release for me as I’ve aimed to pattern whatever I intend to do with Oxen upon Banned Productions in some way, and naturally being a total fan of the man and what he does live and in recorded forms I’ve got the best luck in being able to release ‘Crowns’. Warm flickers of the flexi vinyl samples inspired virtuosity which is an intense, elaborate and buoyant collection of busted sonic fluids. Nine tracks yield unpredictable and highly calibrated structures of soundscapes; endlessly inventive fever does that I belive firmly represent some of amk‘s finest work to date.