Being **SOLD OUT**

Hydrocracker **SOLD OUT**


Being “Hydrocracker”

Dayton, Ohio’s Skeleton Dust Owner & Operator Luke Tandy brings the magnificent Hydrocracker as a very welcome new for 2018 releaseThrowing down this gauntlet with sublime, omnisource, feedback-laden frequencies giving over to a narrative density, simmering with foreboding textures. Compositions warning of chaos, clipped and airless, churning away a parade of clanging harsh patterns embedded with menacing dissonance. Tracks drifting into thickets of Being’s particular brand of thunderous, unsettling pleasures.
Side A live set recorded at Joga Somatic Arts Kettering ,OH  and side B comprised of previously unreleased, crucial new recording. Can assume this to be very highly recommended!

$6 purchase link below