Constrain & Fenian

Rapid Decline cs and CD combo


CD and Cassette release from Constrain and Fenian; Long Beach based Kevin McEleney and Los Angeles based Matt Purse performing 5 tracks together on the CD Rapid Decline.

Recorded in Los Angeles at the end of 2013, the CD features the performances of Constrain/Heavy Psych /Surplus Killing’s Kevin McEleney and Fenian/Of The Skull Matt Purse together continuing in their respective harsh noise incarnations and aggregating their individual sounds into a singular exploit on joint tracks: Rapid Decline, 01­-05. Junk sprung mutilated harsh noise.. this is for any true fan of Japanese Noise of any era.
All original, new Artwork by Kevin McEleney.


“最近のお気に入り。constrain & Fenian “Rapid Decline” TNBとThe Hatersを繋ぐミッシングリンク!”


Cassette is a C20­ Side A: a Constrain new track “ The Other Side Of Hell’ and Side B: Fenian “The Last Remains of Papal Superstition”

$10.00 (CD + cs Combo) purchase below: