Government Alpha/scum **SOLD OUT**

Swamp Attack 2xCS15 **SOLD OUT**


Government Alpha/scum ‘Swamp Attack’ 2xCS15 split and collaboration.

Government Alpha lays a foundation for the dizzying, face-ripping harsh noise gestures of scum on this two cassette (C15) collaboration and remix release.

Swamp Attack Tape One documents the live collaborative set of Government Alpha and scum at Tokyo’s Flying Teapot from March of 2018.  Side A teasing frenzied possibilities, which are brought to a shuddering, scathing reality with a scum remix. Side Two gets the blinding execution of a Government Alpha Remix.

Tape Two is composed of studio tracks and mixes. Side A titled- ‘Government Alpha killed scum’ … Almost any comment here would be superfluous. This side features three tracks of infinite fusillades of pure, harsh noise shot forth in exuberant abandon as you’ve come to expect of the meticulous work of Yasutoshi Yoshida. Side B titled ‘scum Tortured Government Alpha’ featuring one track of absolute bombardment, burning showers of roaring noise bedlam, not in any way to be missed.



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