Heat Signature

'Dehumanization In Progress' full length CD

Heat Signature ‘Dehumanization In Progress’ full length CD


Heat Signature’s two man onslaught comprised of Brad Griggs (Action Discipline, Penis Geyser) and Luke Tandy (Skeleton Dust Records, Being) deliver seven tracks of previously unreleased, all new material for 2019.

The duo spend their time assiduously building patterns of deafeningly satisfying, chest thudding harsh noise with profiles in feedback and hints of parametrically filtered junk scrapings.

Track 1 ‘Torture of Feeling’ condenses an arc of lava flow level clamour and maintains this flagrant, molten thrust of wild landslide destruction for forty minutes across the next six  tracks until the last spasms of track seven’s ‘American Bogeyman’.
Luke and Brad continue to build upon their well deserved reputation in the continued development of Heat Signature (see them on tour, summer of 2019!) in the uncompromising, classic american harsh noise style. They continually exceed what you’ve come to expect from two committed and highly talented harsh noise purveyors.
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