Hostage Pageant

‘Nothing Left to Smile About’

Hostage Pageant ‘Nothing Left to Smile About’ C20
Shane Church’s skillfully crafted harsh noise tension on Nothing Left to Smile About exhibits seamless textures and pummeling intensity.
Tracks Unbearable Reflection and Abandonment neatly showcase his well honed, bursting and aggressive narrative. Sounds crest, then break with blinding force in massive waves revealing expertly designed compositions, naturally replete with predatory, sharp euphoric blasts. His discipline for letting a landscape of harsh fields patiently emerge, settle and evince an auricular curtain of dense structure is magnificent and rarely matched despite a relatively crowded field of talented harsh noise artists circa 2019.
One of my absolute favorite solo artists, it is a certain honor to be able to release ‘Nothing Left To Smile About’ this for every fan of harsh noise. 
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