Jay Howard Tanner Garza

Precession Of The Equinoxes oxen012


Jay Howard (Circuit Wound) Tanner Garza (Black Leather Jesus) oxen012, cassette (c20) 2015

Slow burn charges aimed towards the tonal infinite. Four tracks of new audio rituals and provocative sonic documents; fans of Tanner Garza’s solo work won’t be disappointed with his patient and soaring landscapes, more soundtrack in their execution than abrasive salvos. The four tracks on Precession of the Equinoxes are served on this pairing with Jay Howard’s prowling static and sonic grizzle, found-sound and manipulated ethereal, radio interferences. Jay’s contributions result in completing the project’s range across the four, new original tracks on this Oxen cassette. Fans of Howard and Garza will be rewarded with this totally original achievement.

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