Kazehito Seki **SOLD OUT**

Self Toxication 2.2.0/2.3.0 **SOLD OUT**


Kazehito Seki ‘Self Toxication 2.2.0/2.3.0’ oxen046 casette

Tokyo based but likely seen in other parts of the world as he’s extensively travelling/performing,  Kazehito Seki is, to the best of my knowledge not yet documented with many releases. His live performances center on mouth/vocal + contact mics in a confrontational torturous, feedback-laden compositions carving ambitious sonic explorations of noise suffering, trapping the listener in discomforting, grinding passages. If it’s possible to intimidate and challenge on a recorded medium, Kazehito is the artist to pull that off. Side A  features the aptly named ‘Driven Hard’ which is a live document of his 2017 End Tymes performance with Side B track culled from a live 2017 performance from Tokyo’s 20000v venue. For fans of Dave Phillips, Crank Sturgeon.

Artwork by Breathing Problem.