Kiran Arora

The Good Times Are Over For Good oxen028


Kiran AroraThe Good Times Are Over For Good‘ cassette c30 oxen028

Kiran Arora a Texas, by way of Los Angeles, based noise artist commits an emphatic and unsettling statement of harsh noise endurance. Having previously appeared on the original Stray Dog comp, Kiran hands us over a clarity of abusive commotion yielding to compelling showers of junk metal and howling noise clamor.

Previously based in Los Angeles where he recorded and performed for a few years before relocating to Austin in 2015 where he continues to perform and record.




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From KFJC:

Fenian’s Oxen label brings us more harsh noise blender violence from the LA-to-Austin transplant whose name suggests ancestral origins in the Indian subcontinent. The three track titles may allude to the cultural malaise afflicting his current state of residence (even though Austin’s not really ‘in’ Texas so much as surrounded by it).

Like a lot of this trash, the material on this C30 rewards close listening and as always the emphasis is on texture, not musical ideas. According to the liner Arora plays guitar, organ and tapes and his friend Zack Fogle plays drums. If there are instruments here, they are utterly absorbed by the stormblast of tape distortion, although warped harmonics do bleed through sometimes. If these sonic disturbances really were accomplished with only rock instruments and tape manipulations, I guess they are all the more impressive for it.

The dust devil is not without some psychedelic colour, probably thanks to the instrumental source sounds. A little Hiroshi Hasegawa, a little Controlled Bleeding and a dash of The Rita…”


  • Reviewed by Lord Gravestench on October 11, 2016 at 7:28 pm