Remainderless oxen005


Three Los Angeles rooted performers/composers converging regularly to compose, record, case and sift sounds. Equal blasting, squeak and rasp + uncommon and unsettling squelch frequencies comprise the aggregate sum of their output. Documented over three tracks on their debut EP 12″ available July 2014.

Steve Touchton   (XBXRX, Swaps, Dog Star Orchestra, Ex Im Ot)

S.R. Cano (tik///tik)

Matt Purse (Fenian, Unsustainable Social Condition, Of The Skull)″>
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three LA noise conspirators (see: Fenian, Tik///Tik, XBXRX) deliver searing shrill drones that pierce bleaker than icy wind, gusts that don’t blast but penetrate straight to the marrow. the pitch flogged malfunctions teeter on the edge of release as the sheet subsides and crumbles; a distant racket amidst factory hums anthropomorphed into ghosts of aeroaudible disaster. patience wields the most virtuous suffering.”

Still Single:

Noise rumpus of still, hot pauses of feedback and filet-knife screech, static and grumble and pregnant pauses that explode into a violent uproar.

Deathbomb Arc

Remainderless do more than just blast max-ed out harsh walls though. The many years of experience this trio brings is clear in their subtleties, incredible dynamic, and most importantly, sense of patience. The grand movements and soundtrack level of delicacy makes the moments of intense noise all the more emotional and fulfilling.

Remainderless 12″ EP clear Vinyl oxen005 trt: 27 mins