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OXEN (oxen010)

11 Noise artists from Tokyo, Rhode Island, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Oakland. For fans of harsh noise from all spectrum, to the breath-robbing extended static tracks from F.T.P., KIRA and P.I.G.S. and Kiran Arora to the brain-searing, piercing cut-up compositions of Sissy Spacek, Wrong Hole, Sects, Constrain, The Pig Lady and Allegory Chapel LTD to the document of a monumental and bracing live collaboration between amk, Anthony King, The Hater’s GX Jupitter-Larsen and Elden M. combining the forces of the harsh entropic noise devices with vinyl destroying intensity .

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P.I.G.S. Chiaki Omachi (Tokyo)

KIRA (Los Angeles) Charlie Mumma  (Sissy Spacek, Unexamine) and Brent (HHL)

F.T.P. (Oakland)

Sissy Spacek- Mumma/Wiese

Sects (Rhode Island)

The Pig Lady (Los Angeles)

Wrong Hole (Los Angeles)

Constrain (Long Beach)

Kiran Arora (Los Angeles)

Allegory Chapel LTD.

amk/GX Jupitter-Larsen/Elden M.