Various Artists

Stray Dog Volume 2 CD Version oxen019


Oxen is very proud to present

Stray Dog Volume 2 

Various Artists     

Dromez (OH)   Kakerlak (MI)   scum (Japan)   Circuit Wound (CA)   FACIALMESS (Japan)

Leah P (CA) sample below


Sissy Spacek (CA)    Scalp Elevator (Canada)   Tralphaz (CA)   BLACKPHONE 黒電話 666 (Japan)   Jay Randall (MA)

Brown Piss (VA)    Black Sand Desert (CA)   Mass Marriage (Canada)

$10.00 US

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from KFJC:

“… the best in fuck-all-music harsh noise screeching electronics dark drone drivel safari guided by Oxen headmaster Matt Purse aka Fenian collecting garbage collectors from around the globe: FACIALMESS and BLACKPHONE666 from Japan, or Dromez from Ohio, KAKERLAK from Oregon, Black Sand Desert and Leah P from LA, etc, etc… cracked cut-ups, feral feedback foaming, hateful horror hardwares… for the self-loathing in all of us, music to murder listeners to.”


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