Tattered Syntax

Alone Gone oxen17


Nine Tracks, fifty minutes of this Harsh Noise cut-up opus documenting the complete works of Tattered Syntax. Alone Gone collects all of the Tattered Syntax tracks made by William Hutson (Rale, Anthracite) in relative private between 2005 and 2009 with the exception of the 2013 Skeleton Dust cassette release: “Nothing All Day Nothing” (tracks from which are featured in this collection). Liner notes by William Hutson contextualizing the nature of the output and the time period in which the tracks were created. Alone Gone presents the entire works of Tattered Syntax’s hyper cut-up , harsh noise complex compositions careening across nine shattering, whipping air lariats of tracks recorded and mastered by William on limited edition CD.

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Raymond Cummings, The Village Voice:

… this is a phenomenal collection which, at its best, is terrifyingly three-dimensional, as though it were documentation of the sky giving way to some sort of jagged, power-electronics Armageddon. The noise here feels relentlessly cleansing in a deeply tornadic sense, if tornadoes were capable of piercing iron walls and rearranging collective psyches; tracks strike, annihilate, recede, contemplate, and then out of nowhere are dismantling the ground on which you stand listening, wide-eyed, trying to comprehend what’s happening around you.


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